Top 3 Futuristic Car Safety Features that May Be Here Soon

February 17, 2019 Auto Resources ,

Self-driving cars, cars that “talk” to one another, and vehicles with augmented reality displays have long been the fantasies of popcorn-munching Sci-Fi moviegoers. But are those futuristic safety technologies merely the creations of Hollywood minds, or ones that will soon be as commonplace as airbags and seatbelts? In-actuality, there are several revolutionary car safety advancements

Self-driving cars take the wheel

February 16, 2019 Auto Resources

Advanced technologies come together to get autonomous vehicles driving safely and efficiently. In association with Autonomous vehicles are here, and they’re here to stay. While their use and acceptance are not yet widespread, that day is coming. Most of the major automotive manufacturers are actively exploring autonomous-vehicle programs and conducting extensive on-road testing. Increased safety

5 Auto Components That Electric Cars Will Retire In The Future

February 15, 2019 Auto Resources , ,

Mirrors, gearshift lever, pedals, steering wheel … there are parts of the car that will be replaced or eliminated with advances in electric drive and “by wire” driving The advent of autonomous driving within a few decades really promises to clean up commands and tools, turning cars into self-propelled salons similar to miniature railway cars. Before then, however, it