How to help others with your car

February 16, 2019 Auto Resources

The easiest way to get some good karma on the books is to help others. If you’re lucky enough to have a car you enjoy driving and some time on your hands, there are ways to make sure you’re putting out positive vibes into the universe. Which lane will you pick?

Lane One: Be a Volunteer Driver

It’s an easy one, and one that can help you forge lasting relationships with people in your area. Many elderly and disabled people don’t have reliable transportation that can take them to and from places such as the grocery store or pharmacy. Knock out two birds with one stone by getting your shopping done with a new buddy!

Lane Two: Deliver Meals

There are dozens of programs that offer meal delivery for those less fortunate than you. Check out those in your area and see how the gift of a healthy meal can really brighten up everyone’s day—including yours!

Lane Three: Adopt-a-Highway

You’ve probably seen these signs dotting the highways at some point or another. Get a group of your friends together, pile into the car with cleaning supplies aplenty, and make your morning commute a cleaner one by keeping a certain stretch of road clean. You’ll be out and about with friends and helping out your planet and your community in just one outing!

So which lane works for you? Maybe you’ll switch between them or ultimately stick to one, but we hope this shows that there is so much more you can do to help the people (and world!) around you with your new US Auto Sales car!

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