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SEA MAX ATF(Transmission fluid) is primarily a serves as both an oil and a hydraulic fluid that helps facilitate gear shifts.

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SEA MAX ATF (transmission fluid)

Transmission fluid deteriorates over time unlike engine oil, which is primarily a lubricant.

it serves as both an oil and a hydraulic fluid that helps facilitate gear shifts.

When Do You Need Transmission Oil?

If you hear grinding or squealing, pull over as soon as possible and check your transmission oil or fluid level while the engine is still running.When Do You Need To Change Your Transmission Oil?

It’s recommended that you replace it anywhere from 50,00 to 100,000 miles, but sometimes a higher-quality transmission fluid from Autoxona can last up to 150,000 miles.

If you wait too long to change it, you’ll likely encounter issues such as transmission failure and trouble shifting gears.

What Happen When You Run Out Of  This Fluid?

Low volume results in excessive wear and tear, which causes the transmission to run hot, and eventually fail.  when you drive without it, the hydraulic pump will wear out, resulting in gear stuck into neutral firmly. As a consequence, the car will not move at all.


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