Top Genius Car Gadgets You Should Never Drive Without

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Whether you’re waking up in a new Bugatti or puttering along in a lemon, all our car woes end up being about the same. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite gadgets to dull the sting of their inevitable engine slowdowns and other Car Owner Problems (COPs). 

And some of these items can even help throw the COPs (HA HA SEE WHAT WE DID THERE) off your tail.

1. Your Personal Mechanic


It’s nice that Firestone is on your speed dial, but the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor makes it unnecessary. Just plug it into your car, and it’ll gauge and offer suggestions for fixing your car’s health for you.

2. That Clean Car Smell


This plug-in air purifier uses built-in ionizers to get rid of allergens. And the scent of those old, uneaten French fries you should have tossed out weeks ago.B

3. This Flexible Car Mount


Slot your smartphone into this flexible car mount so you can keep your eyes on the road. And not on your lap because that’s a good idea said no one ever.B

4. This Emergency Kit Essential


It’s not the most ideal scenario…but in case you’re trapped in your car after an accident, you bet your bottom dollar you’ll escape with this survival knife.B

5. Avoid Speed Traps


TrapTap is a nifty little gadget that notifies you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones. Which means you’ll drive safer and stop crying broke tears over those tickets.B

6. The Most Convenient Car Mount Ever


Attach this convenient mount right in your air vent, click it in with one touch, and drive hands-free. So simple to use, there’s no reason not to get it.B

7. The Charger That Also Locates Your Car


The Zus Smart Car Charger and Locator acts as a honing device for wherever you last parked, and can charge up your phone to boot. Which means no more impromptu 2:00am runs through deserted parking lots…unless that’s your thing.

8. This Portable Battery Jumper


You can control when your car’s going to break down, and sometimes it happens without anyone around to jump you off. Do it on your lonesome with this powerful and portable car battery jumper.

Buy now: Car jumping independence is now just $59.99, reduced from $69.99.  

9. A Way To Avoid Insurance Disputes

Accidents are a pain and your insurance agent is an even bigger one. Capture everything on film with this dashboard camera and consider your claim complete.

10. Keep Your Phone Charged On The Road


Do it on the road — and four times faster, with this powerful Casa CO3 car charger. You can even charge up to three devices at the same time (it’s practically better than charging at home.

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