- No 1 Automotive MarketPlace in Africa!
Our Whitepaper
Our whitepaper goes through our approach to the Automotive online marketplace and some of our current business models
The top online marketplace in the world sold $1.86 Trillion in 2018
Was estimated to reach $27.7 Trillion in 2020 by e-marketer
Also, the automotive industry in Africa as at last year [2020] was a $28.46 billion market
Expected to reach $39.87 billion by 2026
Over the forecast period, the market registers a CAGR of 5.5 %
Can we combine the two and make it a monopoly in Africa?
Autoxona brings local dealers, parts' sellers, and service providers in Africa together, provide them with online visibility and help customers (automotive users/owners) find them all in one place; making it easier to compare products and services at the same time purchase products, book services, and schedule appointments. Automotive, we relate to motor vehicles such as cars,buses,vans,trucks, trailers,tankers,etc
We're redefining the current operational model by giving our customers or users a more efficient, clean, well-organized, modern, and transparent access to products and services with great customer service, more merchandise, and online experience, unlike what it is now
Traditionally, it is incommodious to purchase automotive products and at the same time burdensome to get Automotive services in Africa. The markets are dirty, less organised, archaic, and not transparent. Hence inconvenience users
The automative users/owners have but only two options:
Get products and services from very expensive, environmentally limited firms and service centers [about 1% of the market]
Get products and services from unexamined, uncertified, and poorly mannered traditional dealers and wayside workshops [about 95 % of the market]
The traditional markets currently used are corrupt, dirty, unnecessarily overcrowded, noisy, and underdeveloped [about 95% of the market]
The majority of the automotive users in Africa can not afford the expensive firms and service centers where expensive, quality, and reliable products and services delivery can be promised thus they rely so exclusively on the traditional markets, dealers, and wayside workshops
But cheap, low-quality, shifty products and services are the quintessential troubles associated with the traditional markets, dealers, and wayside workshops
We are building a system for thoroughly examined and certified automotive products dealers, service providers, and users. A system that makes efficient buying and selling of automotive products, booking of automotive services, pricing and payments, scheduling appointments, ratings, reviews...etc
On Autoxona, an automotive user/buyer, products dealer or service provider can buy or sell products, book services, schedule appointments for inspection, car diagnosis, and scrap recycling
Autoxona users will transact in a well organised, clean, modern, transparent, and more efficient way. We'll grant our users|customers access to more merchandise, more selection, and great customer service
  • The Automotive industry in Africa is nothing to write home about still underdeveloped and archaic
  • Poorly organised and dirty
  • Low-quality products and services
  • Not transparent and fraudulent
  • Uneducated and poorly mannered dealers and service providers
  • Inconveniences and irritates users
  • Modernize the Automotive industry in Africa
  • Make more efficient the automotive industry in Africa
  • Offer a clean and well-organized system
  • Transparent and reliable automotive hub
  • High quality, cost efficient, accessible products and services
  • More merchandise and more selection
  • Great customer service; going the extra mile for our customers
  • Same day, fast delivery, and response
  • Thoroughly examined, verified, and certified vendors|seller

Autoxona will operate in the fast-growing, rapidly-evolving automotive industry
Here is a 2020 revenue from major companies, numbers are well above in recent years
Companies 2020 Revenue
Genuine parts company
$16.5 B
$12.6 B
L K Q corporation
$11.6 B
O'Reilly autos
$11.6 B
Travelcentrers of America
$4.8 B
U.s Auto parts Network
$280.7 m
Business Model
Autoxona key business model is to work with leading key regional and international partners in the automotive industry. This will not only be the largest source of revenue for us but also the largest driving force to the system, capitalizing on their existing user base, markets, costumers, contacts, and expertise
Our regional and international partners will only need to register on our platform, upload their products and services and start selling to consumers
Some of the products and services [this is just an example, but more products and services Will be added in order to serve our customers well]
Motor Vehicles
Oil Change
Driving Training
Jump Start
We will charge a commission fee averaging around 4% of all the products sold and services rendered. This is on average 270% cheaper than mainstream auto market vendors and platforms;
We will charge $3/month per seller|vendor registered, with an account type changing fee of $0.5 for users [customers] who want to start selling plus the $3/month subscription fee
We will also make money from advertisement, delivery and logistics, installations, affiliate marketing, and the sales of our own products
We will create a community governance token/fintech which will generate additional revenue flow for Autoxona as many people, firms and organisations can rely on its services, speculate in the price, stake, and farm for APY
We envision a future where Autoxona becomes the leading Automotive hub in Africa for everything auto. Own modernized retail stores and service stations like Autozone, monopolize the market in Africa through manufacturing and distribution, go into research and development of AI machines and software for auto diagnosis and repairs, build great customer service in Africa

Road Map
Autoxona Road Map
  • Automotive industry- market research
  • Online market place- market research
  • E-commerce in Africa research, acceptance and interactions
  • Automotive marketplace research for Africa: opportunities, strategy, problems, and solutions
  • Autoxona value proposition and key team set up, pitch deck, Business model
  • Roadmaps and setting up the frame works of Autoxona
  • Idea validation website|platform
  • Feedback and marketing outreach
  • Local Auto parts stores, Driving schools, mini service stations set ups for interactions, testing, and further studies on costumer behaviours and needs
Autoxona Road Map
  • UI|UX completion and Start Autoxona MVP- Beta test
  • Autoxona platform Beta launch
  • Initial partnership phase
  • Platform upgrade with web integration initiative
  • Autoxona upgrade with Admin access and market Analytics
  • Autoxona performance Analytics
  • Launch of Autoxona Alpha [final] platform
  • Location storm | cluster marketing, Billboards, trade fair events, and business Evangelism across Africa
  • Empowerment and Appointment of Regional heads, managers, and country directors across Africa
Autoxona Road Map
  • Launch of Autoxona Enhanced mobile Apps
  • Introduction and launch of Autoxona community governance token and protocol deployment
  • Introduction of our 50:50 ownership offline expansion model and partnerships
  • Launch of "Autoxona service station" a one stop automotive hub in Africa for everything Auto
  • Foreign manufacturers and suppliers outreach and collaborations for manufacturing, importation, and supplies
  • On boarding of big Global Automotive brand and companies
  • Enhancing and onboarding of IT help desk for users and business
  • Advanced Analytics, international collaborations with African Automotive markets, and platform exposition
  • Final platform stack integration
Projection by December 2022; we think we can get +30k vendors, service providers, and network, using Autoxona, +3 million transactions processed at an average of $15 per transaction
Projection by December 2023; we think we can get +150 k vendors, service providers, and network, using Autoxona, +75 million transactions processed at an average of $15 per transaction
Projection by December 2025; we think we can get+1.5 million vendors, service providers, and network, using Autoxona, + 750 million transactions processed at an average of $ 15 per transaction
Fun Fact
Did you know that there are about 64000 hotel rooms in Africa? And it would take you about 175 years to enter them all if you enter one a day! Well, that's it!
Xona(uzbek) = Room(English)
Hence : Autoxona = Autoroom
Autoxona is built with a team of young innovative engineers and entrepreneurs. Collectively, we have been in the automotive industry and digital space since 2009. In that time, we've had the opportunity to work on several business, projects and in different firms relating to the Automotive industry and digital space which includes auto spare parts sales, car sales, driving school, car wash services, auto repairs agency, auto consults, digital agency, networking in key roles such as management, marketing, supervision, engineering, and development
The team brings extensive Automotive and digital experience to the project and will prioritize growth, transparency, and community